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    Canada Iran Business Association

A safe bridge to develop the trades between Canada and Iran.

Our Services

Business Visa Learn More

A business visitor is someone who comes to Canada to engage in international business activities without directly entering the Canadian labour market. For example, someone who comes to Canada to meet people from companies doing business with his or her country would be a business visitor.

Training Courses Learn More

CIBA’s unique brand of training enhances skills, saves time and money and contributes to career and organizational success. Along with our technical training division, we accomplish all this through:

  • Seminars, workshops and conferences
  • On-site training

Professional Committees Learn More

In CIBA we create “Professional Committees” and make them do business together. We provide useful information for each committees as well as let them to build their own path!

Arbitration Learn More

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution which is actively encouraged by the courts throughout the litigation process. Parties may favor arbitration because it offers the opportunity to resolve disputes in private and allows flexibility, such as in the appointment and use of experts. Moreover, decisions of arbitrators are binding, which increases certainty, and outcomes are often far more practical than those achieved by the courts. There are, however, few grounds for challenge for parties unhappy with an arbitrator’s decision.

Business Opportunities Learn More

Business and investment are always in continuous growth in Canada. The diversity of business investments, the multiplicity of business models offer to Canada the title of leading promoter of business investment in the world.

Networking Session Learn More

Planed to start extending your network, meeting new people, developing yourself and having a good time while you’re at it?

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Always with you Membership’s terms & conditions Register

CIBA gold membership

  • Use of all services offered to silver members .
  • Holding special meetings with senior officials from the opposite country.
  • Companionship of Board of Directors at meetings.
  • Comprehension of both Iranian and Canadian programs.
  • Insert the logo and site member on the forum site.

CIBA silver membership

  • Use of all services offered to bronze members.
  • Notify about holding exhibitions and delegations, and sending and accepting economic boards.
  • Follow up in the other country.
  • Holding special meetings with specific parties in the other country.
  • Inform the guests of the special trip and coordinate the meeting with these guests.
  • Co-ordination of the meeting with the Iranian / Canadian parties in the other country .

CIBA bronze membership

  • Information on holding exhibitions and bids, and the dispatch and acceptance of some delegations.
  • Presentation of reference letters addressed to the Embassy for obtaining a visa.
  • Membership in specialized commissions.
  • Issuing membership cards and certificates at the Canadian Merchants Association of Iran.
  • One hour legal and business advice in the month .